I'm Hope Cassity, and I’m planning a MUSIC IS MEDICINE Tour for 2024. I aim to deliver a dynamic, engaging, and inspiring experience, surpassing your typical speaker talks. I’d like to offer this program to colleges, non-profits, and more.

During my time, I'll share my journey battling Ovarian Cancer, along with my published research on how music heals the brain and body. Using creative coaching, audience participation, sing-alongs, and demonstrations, I'll illustrate how music and art became my lifeline. My mission is to empower others to use these mediums in facing life-altering challenges.

I'm particularly passionate about educating college audiences because OVARIAN CANCER IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN GYN CANCERS, affecting more young women aged 20-40. Diagnosed at 38, I stress the importance of early education and action.

My talks cater to CO-ED audiences, offering three proactive tips for early cancer detection. I'll provide students with educational music/art/psychology tools for overcoming challenges faced in young adulthood. 

For scheduling and contracts, connect with Bryce or Randi, my tour managers, at hopecassity@makeascenemedia.com

MUSIC IS MEDICINE Motivational Speaking

"Hope, what an honor it was to have you as our special guest speaker and singer for our Birmingham MS Leadership Class reception. You are such an eloquent speaker and your story was so heartfelt.  Your voice is amazing!  I have received numerous calls and emails from people in attendance that were truly moved by your story and voice and I know you touched us all in a very special way. Thank you so much for making it such a wonderful evening for us all!  We all wish you continued success with your music career and look forward to partnering with you again soon!  You are invaluable! With appreciation and kindest regards." 
- Cheri S. Development Manager-National Multiple Sclerosis Society Alabama Mississippi Chapter