Book a mini MUSIC session and enjoy a shorter condensed one hour version of Hope Cassity's live original shows. Hope will provide a private acoustic concert with a professional BOSE SOUND SYSTEM and lighting in the location of your choice.  Surprise your loved one by having your favorite cover songs performed live for engagements, weddings, cocktail hours.  Want to enjoy live music for a romantic evening? Outside, Inside, in an airplane or by boat ....Simply choose the location of your dreams and HOPE will provide music to create the perfect atmosphere. Special song requests? No problem. Weddings, Assisted Living, Schools, Universities. 

Book a mini LIVE ART session and invite clients, friends, family to emerge themselves in a music playlist you choose while HOPE use her sculpting techniques to sculpt acrylic paint into a WORK OF ART. The art piece is auctioned off at the end of the evening to the highest bidder. These sessions last one - two hours. Most serve cocktails and appetizers.  

Book a mini ONE ON ONE ART healing session with Hope and immerse yourself in a new form of crafting art FROM your emotions using your history & music that moves you to a deeper place as a catalyst for color choice. Talk through issues, stress, daily problems, and use art to heal through those while creating a work of art to hang in your home. Think of it as a form of healing or emotional therapy only way way more revealing and healing! 

Book a mini HOPE IS STRONGER THAN FEAR session and hear HOPE CASSITY's story of how she lost everything in one year while battling cancer. Hear the intimate and emotional story of how she pulled through and remained POSITIVE after having an Ovarian Cancer recurrence, losing her home, her marriage and essentially having to rebuild her life, her body, her spirit, and her career again. BE INSPIRED BY HOPE'S original songs as she shares the stories behind the ones she wrote during the hardest years of her life.